Student Stories: Selamawit Abera

ssSelamawit Abera

Los Angeles Technology Center has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, improve my English, and get valuable career training. I came to this country in 2018. At first, my friends told me you had to pay to learn English. I was a newcomer, and I didn’t have the money. I lost one year, but I did my own research about LATC. When I got there, I found out it was free. The counselor gave me a test and I started in ESL 2B in July 2019.  I was eager to learn. 


     Three years ago, I was having a hard time expressing myself even though I knew some English. I used to be shyer, and felt embarrassed to talk in class. Day after day, speaking with other people, and with the genuine support of my kind teachers, I have much improved my English skills, in speaking as well as writing. 


     After I finished the ESL program, I completed CTE courses including Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Computer Operations, and Automotive Technology. My English and computer classes helped me write my resume for my current job in Customer Service. 


      I’m now taking a Reading class at LATC. My goals are to get my high school diploma and go to college. I’d like to study to become a pharmacy technician. After three years at LATC, I feel more confident in myself, and I’m one step closer to achieving my dreams. 


     Thank you to all the wonderful staff for welcoming me to the school and helping me to achieve my goals. You challenged me to do my best in school and to keep improving my skills. 


     I’m especially grateful to all my teachers for always encouraging me to learn more and work hard, and for all the extra efforts you made to help me become who I am. You are not only teachers, you are friends, counselors, guides. A good teacher grows a student's dreams. There are so many heroes in our world now, and you are among them.  Thanks for making a difference in my life and in all other students’ lives!