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The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program:
Refresh, Review and Prepare for Success
This program consists of three levels of reading, writing, and math classes from grade levels 0 to 9. The classes are designed to help you refresh, review and prepare for success in high school credit classes, high school equivalency tests, and certain career technical education classes. Our assessment places you in the right class to match your current reading and/or math level, and you work at your own pace to move up from there.

ABE classes are also a great way for English language learners to comfortably transition from English as a Second Language (ESL) to the High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Preparation Programs.

You can get more information about the ABE program by clicking this link.
The Adult Secondary Education (ASE) Program:
Earn Your High School Diploma or Equivalency Certificate, and
Go on to Do Great Things!
In the ASE Program, you will find a variety of options to complete the classes you need to earn your high school diploma and graduate. We offer all the courses required for an adult high school diploma (170 credits total). Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, evening, as well as through independent study and online in order to fit our students’ schedules.

You can also study in class and/or online to pass the HiSET, which is a new test offered for the High School Equivalency Certificate. Learn all about the HiSET, what happened to the GED test, and more here.
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