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Student Stories: Salvador Melgarejo


Salvador Melgarejo


My name is Salvador Melgarejo. I’m from Puebla, Mexico. I came to the United States in 2008.  I met my wife Celiflora here in Los Angeles in 2009. She works with me now in my catering truck. I have one daughter, Emilie, who was born in 2011. 


I began my career as a dishwasher. Then I became a prep cook. After that, a cook. I worked as a cook for a long time, until I started Chava’s Food Truck on February 25th of this year, one week before my ESL 6 graduation. After carefully considering the market and the risks, I decided to rent a catering truck for now until I buy one of my own. 


I decided to study at LATC because they had an ESL program and it was near my house. I could study at any time during the day or evening. I’ve taken all levels of ESL. I started out at the beginning, level 1A, and finished level 6 this year. 


Studying English helped me a lot! Now I can communicate very well with customers in English. It helped me while I was working as a cook, too. Learning English has also allowed me to help my daughter with her homework many times! I talk confidently in English with her teachers. And my overall confidence has improved. Being bilingual makes it possible for me to be aware of and take advantage of opportunities here.


Studying English is a great idea and important for us. LATC also has many other courses and programs, like reading and high school diploma. You can study in person or online – when you make the time! I started in person and finished level 6 online. In fact, I met my ESL 6 teacher, Mark Pratt, in person for the first time today for this interview! He enjoyed a great meal at Chava’s Food Truck, 1517 W. Adams Blvd. I hope you will, too!