Campus Calendar

Budget Development Meeting - Preliminary Staffing Packets distributed 
DACE Administrators - January 17th 
Schools prepare Preliminary Staffing Sheets - Academics/ESL/CTE
Principals - January 21st
Submit Preliminary Staffing Sheets to Dora/Rosario for review by 5pm
Principals - January 31st
Video Conference or In-Person visist to review Preliminary Staffing Sheets 
Principals/DACE Admin - February 6th
Revise Preliminary Staffing Sheets (if necessary) 
Principals - February 10th-13th
Submit Preliminary Staffing Sheets to Dora/Rosario for review 
Principals - February 14th
Post Matrix of Classes to be offered
Principals/School - February 18th
Distribute Preference Sheets
Principals/School - February 18th
Preference Sheets are to be returned to the Principal
Teachers - February 25th
Appointment letters are returned
Principals/Chapter Chair - February 26th-28th
Create notification of assignment documents
Principals/School - March 2nd-4th
Distribute notification of assignment letters at 12:00pm
Principals/School - March 5th
Assignment letters are returned 
Teachers - March 11th
Begin to create Greenies and contracts as applicable
Principals/Schools - March 12th-April 3rd
Copies of Assignment Letters are sent to HR & Business Support Office
Principals/Schools - March 13th
LA Unified Accreditation Visit - March 24th
Career Fair - April 23rd (9:00am-2:00pm)
Distribute regret letters to teachers who will not receive a 20-21 assignment
Principals/Schools - April 30th
Send a copy of regret letters to HR and the Office of Business Support
Principals/Schools - April 30th
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